For this independently executed research, principal investigator Martijn Arets cooperates with a multi-faceted group of partners. These partners represent all stakeholders in the development of and the debate surrounding this topic, who will all bring their own expertise and opinions to the research table. Affiliated partners have committed to this research both substantially and financially. They will in turn use the output internally to explore how portability of reputation data could contribute to their own goals and ambitions. 

Besides cooperation with these partners, there will also be the involvement of a few individual scientists who will contribute to this exploration from their own field(s) of study. We are planning on beginning sub-research on several topics in collaboration with them as well, which should lead to new insights and additional academic publications.

These partners will introduce themselves below and elaborate on their decision to cooperate with this exploration.

“Platforms represent only a small percentage in terms of total national employment, but are simultaneously playing a prominent role in the discussion surrounding the future of the labor market. It is of interest for the Dutch Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) to see whether these platforms increase the chances of jobseekers, especially for those who can’t easily find new jobs through traditional methods. Moreover, we’re interested in how jobseekers may use acquired experience and success in finding their next job.”

“YoungOnes is of the opinion that everyone should have equal chances on the labor market. Additionally, we’re convinced that the data you gather belongs to you and you should always be able to take it with you. In all of this, it is of highest importance that some party assures honest and safe storage in terms of privacy.”

“In het post Corona tijdperk worden platform nog belangrijker. Organisaties gaan decentraliseren en samenwerken met zelfstandige professionals in netwerken. Netwerken die meer en meer ook met elkaar in verbinding zijn. Transparantie en data portabiliteit blijven een uitdaging. Privacy en reputatie worden uiterst belangrijke bouwstenen van deze nieuwe sociaal economische maatschappij. We staan hiermee aan het begin. Daarom is degelijk onderzoek nodig, zodat wij daarmee als bedrijf een bijdrage kunnen blijven leveren aan deze nieuwe toekomst, de Society30.”

“It is important to the FNV, as the largest labor union in the Netherlands, that workers can manage their reputation data themselves. They are putting a lot of effort into obtaining and maintaining good scores. This new development raises new questions for us. On certain platforms, it is very hard for workers to object to unfair reviews, even when those reviews have far-reaching consequences for the number of future assignments and therefore, (on) their income. Sometimes it is unclear how ratings are being composed. These are the reasons for the FNV to be a committed partner: to consider how  technological progress can unfold fairly for each and every stakeholder, especially for the workers themselves.”

“As founder of ‘Werkspot’, the biggest platform for handymen in the Netherlands, we at Freshheads understand the importance of reputation like no one else. We experienced this first hand when a contractor threatened to take our place apart if we refused to remove a bad review immediately. It sounds logical to consider a built reputation to be exchangeable, but how? Who should be in charge: interest associations, governments or the platforms themselves? As a specialist in platforms we are more than willing to collaborate and consider the possibilities.”

“Platform workers do not only provide services, but (unconsciously) also produce all kinds of data. Even clients review platform workers from time to time. This is a source of reputation data. Platforms gather and aggregate all this individual data. They analyse it and direct platform workers based on these aggregated data sources. It gives platforms the capacity and knowledge, and therefore power, over the labor market. Where there is power, there needs to be an individual and collective countervailing power, not only nationally, but, in particular, at a European level. This research is asking the right questions about new, collective, and transparent agreements regarding reputation data.”

“We highly acknowledge Martijns expertise and ambition to carry out this research and we very much share it’s vision and mission in trying to figuring out the value of systems enabling portability of reputation data.”

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