Online Workshop about Gig Economy Skills, on January 26th

An exploration on how portability of reputation data for platform workers could empower their position on the labor market started in 2020. The fundamental idea is straightforward: whenever a supplier on a gig platform can export their reputation data to a digital CV and/or take it along to another platform, the position of this person strengthens. The concept in itself is already being developed by six gig platforms. Their goal is to offer platform workers a way to redeem their experience as an export in the form of a verified digital CV. The next step being that these experiences will also be usable on other platforms.

From transactions to skills

The reputation data of platform workers is generally quite limited. You know how many gigs you do and how the client’s evaluate you. To enrich this data, it would be worthwhile to look at the skills that are used in the gigs you executing and automatically map them in order to be able to take them into account on a digital CV. This question is the central theme of the online workshop scheduled for January 26th, 2021.


Our program starts with a broad introduction about the topic skills. Hence we make sure that everyone is on the same page. Next, 3 already running projects will pitch their concept and product. Finally, several representatives of gig platforms will give their response on how fitting they find the presented skill analyses for implementation on their own platforms.

  • 09:15 Waiting room opens
  • 09:30 Introduction by Martijn Arets, initiator of this workshop and exploration
  • 09:35 Introduction to skills and competences 2 two UWV professionals
    (UWV is the body implementing employee insurance schemes in the Netherlands)
  • 09:50 Presentations on 3 initiatives
  • 10:50 Break
  • 11:00 Panel discussion with 3 platform representatives and statements by participants
  • 11:25 Conclusion
  • 11:30 End

The presentations

Presentation 1: How platform workers could show their accumulated skills without having a profile (English)

One systematically forgotten group in the debate about the export to a digital CV is the group that does not yet have proof of accumulated skills in the past. It is particularly difficult for this group to compete on platforms against those that already have a proven skillset in their credentials.

One of the solutions on the market for this problem is SkillLab. This service offers a mobile solution for people to recognize, record and express their skills. Users can also explore education and profession possibilities that are tailored to their unique skill profile. SkillLab hence enables scaled career support, based on a granular, technology oriented, and data supported skill recognition system. Cristoph Bretgeld, director of strategy at Skillab, will explain what his team does and how their technology may support the creation of opportunities for new platform workers.


Presentation 2: Automatic skillset linking to profiles on gig platforms through machine learning and data analytics

A business with several years of experience in analyzing skills in application letters is Actonomy from Belgium. Actonomy analyses work descriptions (including gig profiles) and determines a skillsets that fits the description, based on machine learning and analytics. This set of skills and competences can then be used to enrich the platform worker’s profile. If anyone completed a certain task, yet hasn’t listed many skills, Actonomy’s technology can actually add ‘inferred skills’ and hence create a better, more complete profile for a platform worker. In his presentation, Filip de Geijter, CEO of Actonomy, sheds his light on how their existing technology (i.e. their skills ontology) can be utilized within the domain of online gig platforms.


Presentation 3: This is how skills strengthen a digital platform CV

It is known of platform workers how many gigs they perform and how their service is rated by the customer. Yet the skills they employ while executing the gig are unknown. TNO, House of Skills and UWV jointly work on a project analyzing job opportunities by means of ‘word embedding’ techniques to determine which kinds of skills and characteristics are actually required. Joost van Genabeek, senior research scientist at TNO, will explain how they go about and will think along in which way this technology can be applied to analyze task descriptions on gig platforms.


Signing up

If you like to partake in this workshop you can apply by following this link. A good week after the workshop you will receive a report of the discussed topics. Participation is free of charge.



This research is an initiative of –and executed by– Martijn Arets. This research is financially and substantially supported by the following partners: UWV, Seats2Meet, FNV, European Trade Union Institute, FreshHeads, YoungOnes, Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, Jobtech Gig (a project of Swedish Public Employment Bureau)

This post is also available in: Dutch

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