Workshop on reputation data portability for platform workers, October 5th

An exploration on how the portability of reputation data can contribute to a better position of platform workers and a better gig economy has started in April this year. The fundamental idea is simple. If suppliers on gig platforms are able to take their reputation data along to another platform, they will be able to start there quicker. The next step would be to convert this reputation to a digital CV, and offer suppliers more chances on the labor market in the broadest sense of the word.

As part of the exploration, there will be a series of 3 (private) workshops with several stakeholders to brainstorm about how such a system could function. This series will kick off with a practical workshop where we will be covering the question how and under which conditions data portability can be of added value to both the supplier and the platform. During a second workshop, we will look at how reputation data can be linked to existing competence and skill anthologies to create a digital CV. The final workshop will focus on the bigger picture of how to secure a certain system and how it could contribute to a ‘passport for work’.

First things first

The first workshop will take place on Monday October 5th, from 09:30 – 12:30 at Seats2Meet in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The goal of the workshop is to collectively explore under what conditions portability of reputation data could add value. There will be space for an expected 25-30 platform representatives, policy makers and experts in the field. We will ultimately study the question ‘How to make it work?’ in the form of a practical case study.


09:30   Introduction by Martijn Arets: context and first research results

10:00  Speach by Timm Teubner (Technical University of Berlin) through live stream: Timm has written several research papers on the impact of reputation data portability on e-commerce and sharing platforms

10:25  Jeroen Meijerink (University of Twente) presents the results of a research on how platforms consider portability of reputation data and what conditions apply

10:50  Break

11:05  Matthijs Ros (Innopay) is specialized in the mediation of different parties and the creation of data related arrangements. Matthijs and his colleagues guide groups of stakeholders on a daily basis through similar processes and have helped structure the arrangements in the realization of iDEAL; which was a revolutionary performance at the time.

11:30  Workshop under the direction of Matthijs Ros and Martijn Arets

12:30  Conclusion

There are no costs involved for participation. Yet, given the limited space, you will be expected to actually show up if you apply. Given the relevance of the topic, the applications are expected to exceed the number of seats. In case you are interested to take part in this workshop, please send me a motivated application at


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